Here at Hit Fitness Flora we promise to provide a supportive and friendly atmosphere that will help motivate you with your fitness journey. With a dedicated team, Hit Fitness Flora provides a wide range of sports and services, and a carefully designed European FitnessSystem program; all-inclusive to an aerobic and muscular power training workout. 
You will, with fully trained instructors, have the chance to develop and hone your training technique to sustain the best version of yourself. Besides offering an impressive timetable more of 15 kind of classes a week, we additionally offer a squash court, gym floor with a free weights area, and a range of functional training kit equipment to improve movement and enhance  performance.
At Hit Fitness Flora, we also provide a café and lounge area where you can enjoy a leisurely cool down and benefit from our Italian coffee. Our changing rooms are accompanied with large mirror units and spacious toilets and showers, which are all regularly checked and cleaned to comply with our hygiene standard.

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Training for FREE with an English­speaking

coach. More information at the reception

desk. Offer is valid untill 31st of October 2016.

Call the reception number 267 311 447


The cash discount 40% from one entry fee for students and seniors in HIT Fitness. This discount valid every day from 9AM to 4PM.


We look after children
on mornings
Tuesday-Friday from 9:30 to 13:30
Tuesday-Thursday from 15:30 to 18:30
- fee is 20 CZK for exercising mothers
- fee is 120 CZK for NO exercising mothers

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